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High Command is a superior source of breaking news and updates about e-sports worldwide. We cover the esports updates for different gaming genres and various types of community. We bring fresh and reliable updates about e-sports events, matches, trading, ranking, replays, and VOD’s.

We have a substantial experience and exposure in terms of journalism and esports industry. We know the scene well, and we are committed to helping it grow. We give back to the community with our valuable breaking news and updates that will enable all followers to get the information they need to continue their esports engagement.

E-sports is getting bigger and bigger everyday with hundreds and thousands of online leagues and competitions with considerable prize pools. On top of the big prizes and the unmatched thrill, esports remains extra special because it largely deals with human experience. It is a perfect reflection of shared passion. Esports is the emotional and human side of the entire gaming world. It overwhelmingly brings the extra layer out.

Thousands of people have joined the tremendous excitement and insanity, and we are here to support these people whom we share the same passion with. Our advocacy is to preserve the esports arena. This is because of a myriad of reasons. First, it aids in building better gaming communities. It comes with a great deal of team work as much as any other sports do. Ultimately, it is fuelled with passion, and it has more heart that anybody has expected.

Esports isn’t just about huge corporate backing and advertising revenue, it is most significantly about a significant human element that goes at the center of it all. On top of the actual mechanical skill and excitement brought about by each game, it also brings out heart-warming moments of genuine fellowship and camaraderie.

There are numerous reasons eSports is worth supporting, and we’re here to remain genuine advocates of this exciting and fascinating world.

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