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Activision Buys MLG for $46 million

The world exulted just a few weeks ago when another eSports division was announced to be set but was left in shock with the news about the purchase of substantially all MLG’s assets by Activision for $46 million. This is, perhaps, one of the most phenomenal news in 2016.

In the late hours of New Year’s Eve, eSports Observer has welcomed 2016 with a rather shocking news. MLG is no more, the news said. Video game publisher Activision Blizzard has again acquired another asset, this time, with a bigger deal. As what the report from eSports Observer announced, the deal was agreed in $46 million: $31 million paid in cash and $15 million paid at further conditions.

hqdefaultThe game publisher organization previously reveals its goal of leading the mobile video game industry – the reason why it has purchased several assets of different companies like King Digital Entertainment. This year, it appears that Activision Blizzard sets just another goal. The purchase of MLG assets is said to be one of the steps of Activision’s development of Entertainment and Sports Programming Network of eSports.

Over the past decade, MLG has become a huge force of eSports. However, functioning as an independent eSports power has been tougher, especially these past few years where more and more companies have started assuming direct control of eSports operations. MLG is perhaps trying to continue its operations just with its new owner.

Players all over the world are probably starting to wonder what would happen next to major events of non-Activision games handled by MLG like CS:GO. Now that the organization is managed by a new owner, it’s really hard to know. Activision Blizzard may have its own plans, but it can most probably go ahead with all the scheduled events.

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