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E-Sports Wagering Platform, Xtreme Tilt, Sources for Crowdfunding through Indiegogo

A lot of you were probably wondering when Xtreme Tilt was going to start its second phase of development. Well, here’s some good news; the company just kick started intensive Indiegogo campaign efforts with a view to raising funds to finalize their development process. Even more good news, is that, anyone interested can now become part of the Xtreme Tilt family by pledging any amount of money starting from only $25 up to $5000.

Just to provide a quick-brief background to the fresh blood in the e-sports gaming industry; the web and mobile based platform Xtreme Tilt – through H2H tournaments set ups – allows casual gamers to place wagers against other gamers.


As usual, it is expected that the interested parties (in the crowdfunding campaigns) will largely be drawn from the technology and gaming community – who stand to enjoy a number of perks which include, but are not limited to;

  • Free tickets to the Aspen, Colorado 2016 X-Games, the E3 Expo, and professional sporting events
  • Closed and exclusive beta access to the Xtreme Tilt platform
  • Free video games and gaming credits
  • They will also be granted access to launch tournaments and exclusive parties hosted by Xtreme Tilt

According to Shawn Gunn, CEO and Co-founder of Xtreme Tilt, the mobile application has gone the extra mile and brought the prize aspect to the extremely competitive e-sports gaming industry.

Eric Parker, CTO and Co-founder of Xtreme Tilt, believes that theirs will be the “coolest and most engaging product” in the community.

The new features will allow all the users to be able to – not only place wagers but also – review friends’ rankings, find other gamers and create future tournaments on the H2H platform. The seamless yet simplistic nature of all the integrated tools in the platform provides a fun and engaging experience for its users who are – for now – just US residents.

According to their press release, by the end of the first quarter, 2016, anyone will be able to download Xtreme Tilt from the iTunes and Android stores.

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