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French say ‘NON’ to E-sports and Re-spark Global Debate

The debate regarding e-sports being considered as a true sport or not has been going on for quite some time. People who are in favor of this point out that e-sports has become so popular among the masses that it deserves to be recognized as one of the major sports in the world. On the other hand people who disagree with this notion are of the opinion that since e-sports does not involve any kind of physical activity, it can’t be given the status of a true sport. While both the arguments have some weight, it is important that this issue is discussed in detail to understand whether e-sports have any chance of being recognized as a true sport or not. The debate is yet in the spotlight again with recent news out of France that the French Ministry of Sport has given the ‘no’ to declaring e-sports as an official sport.

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If the current situation is to be taken into account then the argument of the people wanting to get e-sporting events recognized as sporting events seem to be quite valid. You only have to see the amount of players playing e-spots and the large number of audiences that the competitions of e-sports have been attracting to know that e-sports is definitely not a mere game anymore. It has become a worldwide phenomenon which is gradually over hauling the other major sports in terms of popularity and fan base. Moreover, e-sports are now being organized on a global level with players participating from all over the world. Thus, there is enough evidence there for e-sports to finally be given the status of a true sport.

However, if the argument of the people opposing this notion is analyzed then you might understand their reluctance in accepting e-sports as genuine sports. Their claim that e-spots does not involve any kind of physical activity which is the fundamental concept of any sports is a valid one and essentially disqualifies e-sports as being a sport. Moreover, what these people fear is that if e-sports are given the status of a true sport then more and more children are going to adopt it as a profession and will stop giving importance to their education. They say that sports are supposed to be an extra-curricular activity that boosts the physical side of the child and helps him in getting refreshed but e-sports doesn’t have any effect on the physical aspects of a child and takes much more time than a traditional sport which is why it can’t be recognized as one.

To settle this debate, it is essential to take a look at what the countries of the world are doing regarding e-sports. Most of the countries have started recognizing e-sports as true sports but there are still some nations for whom the idea is too preposterous and they want to keep e-sports as a competition or a game. Truth be told, it is time that e-sports is given the recognition it needs. E-sports has progressed at a rapid rate in the past few years and there is enough evidence to suggest that it is only going to progress at an ever faster pace. So, yeah e-sports should be recognized as a true sport.

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