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Some Schools Now Welcome eSports

general-esportseSports, also known as electronic sports, is a mind-based sports which is mainly facilitated by video games. Unlike the kind of sports we are accustomed to, interaction and battle between players are done online.

Since technology is becoming a necessity in this generation, schools are already starting to include technology into their curriculum. Some schools have also opened eSports into their curriculum, giving students the privilege to showcase their skill in videogames to other people.

Guilford High School, located in Rockford, is one of the schools that opened eSports to students. This particular school activity actually allows students to free themselves from school stress. Not only that, it also keeps their interest in school steady since they have something to look forward to. Just like what one student stated, eSports can actually help them earn enough money to pay for their college education.

Transportation and large field are not necessary in conducting an eSport competition since it is basically done online. It can also be conducted in a huge place, enough to accommodate numerous audiences. Allowing students to see tournaments can boost up their interest to study and pursue a career related to video gaming.

Since the widespread news of including eSports in the curriculum, other countries are also starting to consider teaching their students the said subject.

Garnes Vidaregåande Skule, a school based in Norway, is set to open eSports as an elective subject.

Students from the said school might be taught to play some famous online games like DOTA, Counter Strike, etc. The school is carrying out a poll to know which videogame should be taught to the students.

In Sweden, Arlandagymnasiet has included eSports in their curriculum, as well. The main game for the students is CS:GO.

Apart from teaching students games, they also teach students how to treat their teammates and opponents.

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