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Thank The Heavens – EA Sets Another Competitive Gaming Division for All Gamers

peter-mooreAfter you do thank the heavens, thank Peter Moore, the former Chief Operating Officer and the current Executive Chief Competition Officer and Vice President of the Electronic Arts. Moore will be the one handling the upcoming Competitive Gaming Division. This promotion may call for a celebration, but it also calls for a great responsibility.

Such great responsibility will be dealt by a greatly responsible person, tough. Moore is the most ideal organizer of this upcoming major event. In his previous position as EA’s COO, he has grown to be an expert in the competitive gaming franchises of the company like Madden and FIFA. Although CGD is quite a big responsibility, he’s got enough experience to get things controlled. He will be accompanied by Todd Sitrin, EA’s product marketing Senior Vice President, so the job won’t be too heavy.

According to the latest announcement made by Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilson, CGD will be EA’s next big project. This event will make eSports a global competition among EA’s biggest franchises,; namely, Madden NFL, Battlefield, FIFA, and more. CGD, he adds, aims to build the best program that will centralize the efforts they made through major events and infrastructures, giving the world the greatest EA competitive experiences.

This event promotes competition, community, and entertainment throughout the EA games. This means that tournaments will be official and live broadcasts are present, reaching, connecting, and entertaining millions of people all around the world.

On the other hand, the general manager of the event, Peter Moore, seems kind of excited about leading the event for EA. In one of his tweets, he talked about having one of his biggest opportunities in bringing CGD to life with EA. He said they’re diligently committed in developing teams around the globe. EA wants to make sure that the games are all set with modes for the competitive gaming, not just with last-minute afterthought add-on modes.

More and more publishers are getting much more dedicated to promote eSports to the world. Last October, Activision Blizzard just hired Steve Bornstein as the new chairman of its eSports division. Many other publishers have announced their own eSports games division in the past few months like Dota 2 Internationals, League of Legends World Championship, Halo World Championships, and more. These eSports game publishers have become a motivation of EA to work even harder in providing nothing less than entertainment for the people inside and outside the industry.

All these publishers are beneficial to eSports, as the tournaments draw gamers and more average crowd to the world of competitive gaming. Many eSports division in the past have been successful in accomplishing this purpose. What EA needs to have, in addition, is an engaging game, highly focused on eSports. As of the present, details about the game are yet to be announced, but what remains certain is that EA will provide a game that will be widely acclaimed as a successful eSport.

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